Breast lift

Saggy breasts? Chin up! Lift your breasts and your self-confidence safely and simply with a breast lift.

Many women benefit from a breast lift

Has weight loss or motherhood left your breasts saggy and deflated? Is age starting to weigh on your breasts, and do you want to feel proud and feminine again? Many women notice their breasts sagging over the years. Fortunately, this is not an irreversible process. By opting for a professional breast lift, your breasts will regain their natural shape, feel firmer again and the nipple will return to its natural position!


What is a breast lift?

Sagging breasts are often caused by the ageing of the body, significant weight loss (such as yo-yo dieting) or after pregnancy. This causes your breasts to lose firmness, the nipple to droop or the areola to become out of balance with the volume of your breast. Stretched skin can unfortunately not be corrected by fitness and exercises, creams or ointments. Even a breast implant alone cannot resolve the problem if the skin has lost its elasticity.

With a precise breast lift, however, we can restore the elegant contours of any bosom. Together, we will look at which approach is best for you, because every woman is unique.


Interested in a breast lift? This is how it’s done

Is the prospect of a new, firm bosom something that appeals to you? Schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss a breast lift. Our specialist will answer your questions and give you all the information you need, giving you time to consider your decision.

If you're ready to proceed, and you're aware of the risks involved in a breast lift, we'll discuss when the procedure can take place for you. We will support you from beginning to end, even after the procedure will ensure the greatest possible comfort. Thanks to our modern techniques and our plastic surgeons' experience with breast lifts (both breast lifts without implants and breast lifts with implants), you can count on a swift recoverywithout any noticeable scars. We will help restore your body to its former glory!

How much does a breast lift cost?

Breast lift (including surgery, stay and follow-up care) starting at €3,926*

Breast lift with implants (including surgery, stay and follow-up care) starting at €4,955*

Indicated prices are a starting price in euros excluding VAT. They vary depending on your personal situation. We will provide you with an individual and correct quotation after an initial consultation. **21% VAT applies to aesthetic procedures.** Exceptions to the VAT rule will be discussed with your physician.

If you still have questions after reading this section, be sure to check out our question & answer page or get in touch with us for more information. Ready to take the next step? Schedule a no-obligation consultation in one of our practices. You can also schedule your consultation online in your specialist’s agenda.

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