Anti-wrinkle treatment

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Freedom to choose the age you want to radiate thanks to anti-wrinkle treatment

Have you ever looked at your reflection in the mirror with regret, when the lines gradually start to mark your face? Wrinkles are a natural side-effect of ageing, but they are not an irreversible feature that you simply have to get used to. With a simple anti-wrinkle treatment, you can achieve surprisingly beautiful results and boost your 'joie de vivre'.

A summary of the various wrinkle treatments:

Not succeeding in erasing your wrinkles with creams and a healthy diet? With the following treatments, you can give nature a helping hand and restore your skin's beauty and youthfulness:

  • Botox allows the muscles to relax naturally, which in turn allows the skin to tighten. This makes it a very effective anti-wrinkle treatment, which is often used to reduce crow's feet, to treat 'frown lines' or forehead wrinkles, or to achieve a subtle brow lift. Botox can also play a role in the treatment of migraines, headaches and excessive perspiration. This treatment should be repeated every few months.
  • Fillers can fill deep wrinkles or hollow areas of the face. This anti-wrinkle treatment is mainly used for the nasolabial fold, marionette lines, smoker's lines, fuller lips or to give the cheekbones a subtle lift. You can read more about fillers via this link.


  • PRP is used for a so-called 'vampire facelift': an anti-wrinkle treatment in which the texture of the skin is naturally improved with the body's own plasma.


  • Thread lifts, otherwise known as 'soft lift treatments', are minor and yet efficient anti-wrinkle treatments. By introducing fine threads into the dermis, the production of collagen is stimulated, and the elasticity of the skin is enhanced.


  • Laser therapy is a completely painless treatment. An anti-wrinkle treatment with laser can be used to treat scars, acne and stretch marks, among other things. You can read all about our laser treatments here.


The best wrinkle treatment for you depends on your body type, age and preferences, and is something you can discuss in detail with the specialist guiding you.

How much does an anti-wrinkle treatment cost?

Botox treatment (including treatment and follow-up care) starting at €150

Treatment with fillers (including treatment and follow-up care) starting at €300

PRP treatment (including treatment and follow-up care) starting at €450


Indicated prices are a starting price in euros. They vary depending on your personal situation. We will provide you with an individual and correct offer after an initial consultation. **21% VAT applies to aesthetic procedures.** Exceptions to the VAT rule will be discussed with your physician.

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