Vampire Facelift

Would you like a younger appearance? With a vampire facelift, your skin will regain its firmness, without surgery.

The vampire facelift: a facelift that regenerates itself

Are you looking for a facelift without surgery, but with long-lasting effects? Then a 'vampire facelift' or 'vampire facial' may be your ideal skin rejuvenation. By injecting your skin with small volumes of your own blood plasma (PRP), stem cells and growth factors from your blood are used to make your skin tighter, more resistant and resilient.


The treatment was made famous by stars such as Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Keira Maguire and Rupert Everett, who have spoken openly about it in the media. This facelift is now used by thousands of women worldwide to obtain and maintain their beautiful, tight and natural skin.


There is no age limit on beauty, and that includes the vampire facelift.

Think it's too early for the vampire facelift? We can assure you that almost all healthy men and women are eligible. The treatment is primarily preventative. That's why a vampire facelift is less advisable if there is already significant skin slackening (unless accompanied by fillers or a facelift) and why many young people opt for this treatment. At Belgian Beauty Clinic, we work exclusively with Swiss products of the highest quality, because your health comes first!


The science behind the vampire face lift

The vampire facelift is a non-surgical facelift for rejuvenating the skin. During the treatment you receive small injections of Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP from your own blood - hence the name vampire face lift. The PRP ensures the production of extra collagen and therefore has a firming effect on your skin. It will be tighter, feel more elastic and look healthier and younger. As no operation is required, the procedure leaves no scars and recovery time is limited.

How much does a vampire facelift cost?

Vampire facelift (including treatment and follow-up care) starting at €450


Indicated prices are a starting price in euros. They vary depending on your personal situation. We will provide you with an individual and correct offer after an initial consultation. **21% VAT applies to aesthetic procedures.** Exceptions to the VAT rule will be discussed with your physician.

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